This is water.

Cosmic scrub girl.

Adventures // Like Seed

I said things to you that I have never said.
I know I probably shouldn’t have.
And I have never been so scared.
I’m watching time age before me, as my
biggest fears face reality.

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And you have broken every single fucking rule,
And I have loved you like a fool.
- Keira Knightley; “Like a Fool” from Begin Again (via sonders-and-quotes)


So here is my Bill Murray in all his regal glory.  Second session, one more to go!(: Steve Payne painted the original portrait and Tim Phelps stabbed his version into my skin.  Bowling Green, Ky at Age of Reason Tattoo.  



Washington Pass, July 2014
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Into the archives: Mussel gathering on the Oregon coast. An outtake for the Kinfolk Table. 2012. Shot on Kodak Portra 400.